Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So I need some more followers........

One of my awesome Etsy mentors & I were chatting about marketing & she totally brought it to my attention that I need an entourage! LOL! Sadly, I'm no Vincent Chase just a SAHM trying to start my own business.. So I ask & beg you, my friends & fellow bloggers - can you help me with my entourage?
I need some twitter followers for @dcronic & more blog followers on this blog...
In return, I offer you my love and devotion, LOL!

By the way, Little Curlz Couture is going to be on & we are SUPER EXCITED!!!! Check it out & support Moms all over the Country!!!

In fact, I might need to hit up my friend/sister Jen @ (her fabulous blog) to help me with some wording to summarize my shop because let me tell you she is one eloquent mama!! AND what she blogs you will LOVE reading - I know I do!! So go - go now!!!
Happy parenting!

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