Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday Favorites....

Alright I admit it! My name is Danielle & I am a shopaholic. I have been shop free for the past 2 hours. : ) But not the kind of shopaholic we see in the movie - buying designer things all the time (who doesn't love those) but more so, the kind that loves handmade things, made by moms like me! So on Fridays I've decided to tell all of you, my loyal entourage, the wonderful items I've found & purchased for myself or as gifts!

Today, I'll start with my first Etsy purchase....that started this addiction.  Introducing .....

Magaby's Kid-ture

I have personally bought from this shop twice & have loved the beautiful gifts for my new nephew & niece.  The quality of her products are impeccable & the pictures don't do her items justice!
Here are a few more of her gorgeous creations!

This one is my fave! It was custom made for my handsome new nephew, Cy, who is one week and three days old today!!

So whether you need a baby gift or something fun for your little one, check out Magaby's Kid-ture @
and support an incredibly talented mom!!

Happy parenting & Go Pokes, Beat Missouri!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So I need some more followers........

One of my awesome Etsy mentors & I were chatting about marketing & she totally brought it to my attention that I need an entourage! LOL! Sadly, I'm no Vincent Chase just a SAHM trying to start my own business.. So I ask & beg you, my friends & fellow bloggers - can you help me with my entourage?
I need some twitter followers for @dcronic & more blog followers on this blog...
In return, I offer you my love and devotion, LOL!

By the way, Little Curlz Couture is going to be on & we are SUPER EXCITED!!!! Check it out & support Moms all over the Country!!!

In fact, I might need to hit up my friend/sister Jen @ (her fabulous blog) to help me with some wording to summarize my shop because let me tell you she is one eloquent mama!! AND what she blogs you will LOVE reading - I know I do!! So go - go now!!!
Happy parenting!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Announcing the Winner of the Giveaway!!

First, I just want to say THANK YOU so much to everyone for their support & feedback! I know this will not be the first time we do a little giveaway. So without further adieu.....our winner of 2 free clippies & a bow


Thank you again to everyone who entered! I hope you'll remember our shop for Christmas & holiday gifts!

Have an awesome week! Happy Parenting!